Eight Ways To Revamp Your Light Fixtures, No Matter Your Skill Level

Use spray paint or specialized paint for metal or glass to change the color of your light fixtures. This simple update can give them a fresh new look.


Install new lampshades or pendant light shades to change the appearance of your fixtures. Choose shades that complement your decor style.

Adding Shades

Replace old bulbs with energy-efficient LED bulbs or vintage-style bulbs to enhance the lighting and ambiance in your space.

Updating Bulbs

Attach beads or crystals to chandeliers or pendant lights for a glamorous and elegant upgrade. You can use adhesive or wire to secure them in place.

Adding Beads Or Crystals

Use stencils and paint to add decorative patterns or designs to plain light fixtures. This creative technique can transform ordinary fixtures into statement pieces.

Stencil Designs

Incorporate hanging plants around your light fixtures to add greenery and a natural element to your space. Choose plants that thrive in indoor environments.

Hanging Plants

Wrap fabric around lamp bases or pendant light cords for a soft and cozy look. Fabric can be secured with glue or clips for a temporary or permanent update.

Fabric Wrapping

Decorate lampshades with fabric, paint, or embellishments like beads or trim for a personalized touch. This allows you to match your lighting to your decor theme.

Customizing Lampshades

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