McDonald's Is Giving This Away For Free This Week

If you like Sprite, you know that McDonald's serves a different kind than canned. McDonald's Sprite, crisp, sweet, and effervescent, divides people today.

Often described as "too fizzy" by those who don't like the soft drink, McDonald's Sprite is so distinct because the chain follows a 

series of quality control steps such as pre-chilling the Sprite syrup and filtering the water. Because the flavor is strong, 

people online have shared photos and videos captioned with their own ways to describe the soft drink.

Like it or not, McDonald's is celebrating summer with free any-size Sprites for everyone who spends $1 or more on the app on June 21.

McDonald's now asks customers to record and post their Sprite's first sip sound on social media.

The company writes, "We've seen thousands of memes and posts about how Sprite from McDonald's just 'hits different,'" citing over 15,000

mentions in the previous month. "From saying it tastes like the sound of a zipper closing a jacket, to a dog growling, or even TV static, the

creative ways our fans describe the carbonated taste of this longtime McDonald's favorite are endless."

Get your free Sprite without posting on social media. You must spend $1 or more on the app, but it's fun to play. Have fun drinking Sprite!

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