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McDonald’s Just Dropped 2 New Incredible Sandwiches

McDonald's Just Dropped 2 New Incredible Sandwiches

McDonald’s has recently added gasoline to the raging chicken sandwich conflicts by introducing two new options that use a popular acidic condiment.

The Golden Arches has added two new sandwiches to its extensive menu: the Ranch McCrispy and the Bacon Ranch McCrispy. The drawback is that these unique dishes are currently only accessible in McDonald’s outlets in Canada, so American customers will have to crave them from afar.

The Ranch McCrispy is a soft potato sandwich with 100% Canadian-raised seasoned chicken, zesty ranch sauce, shredded lettuce, and pickles. The same ingredients are used in the Bacon Ranch McCrispy, including hickory-smoked bacon.

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If the Bacon Ranch McCrispy sounds familiar to McDonald’s fans in the United States, you’ve most likely seen it before! McDonald’s announced in March that it was renaming their popular Crispy Chicken Sandwich the “McCrispy,” bestowing the “Mc”stamp of honor previously reserved for iconic dishes such as Chicken McNuggets and the McFlurry.

McDonald’s released a new Bacon Ranch McCrispy and Bacon Ranch Deluxe McCrispy at American outlets worldwide for a limited time this spring to honor the redesign. The bacon-laden meal, however, appeared on Canadian McDonald’s menus this week.

The two new chicken sandwiches will only be offered at participating locations across Canada for a limited time, so anyone interested in sampling them should act quickly. Both items’ suggested pricing were unavailable.

This summer’s new additions to Canadian McDonald’s menus include the McCrispy sandwiches.

McDonald’s Canada recently debuted new Mighty McMuffin and Mighty McGriddle sandwiches piled high with hickory-smoked bacon and breakfast sausage. Earlier in August, the company debuted a new Squishmallows McFlurry exclusively in Canada.

Burger King has also added a number of new menu items to its Canadian menus in the last week. It just introduced three new Breakfast Wraps, as well as four hot new menu options centered on the jalapeo pepper: a Jalapeo Whopper, a Jalapeo Crispy Chicken Sandwich, a hot Jalapeo Crispy Chicken Sandwich, and a Jalapeo Chicken Wrap.

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