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Outdated Things Boomers Keep in Their Houses

Outdated Things Boomers Keep in Their Houses

As time goes on and technology keeps getting better, some people find themselves clinging to old things they know and love. One group like this is the Baby Boomers, who like to keep and use old things in their homes. Boomers love old things like cell phones, fax machines, vinyl records, and VHS tapes because they remind them of simpler times and show how they like to do things.

1. Landline Phones

Boomers are known for still having landline phones even though most people now have smartphones. They like that a phone handset is reliable and has a recognizable feel. Younger people have gotten used to the convenience of mobile devices, but Baby Boomers still use their reliable landlines to have long talks and stay in touch with loved ones.

2. Fax Machines

Even though email and other digital forms of contact are common, Boomers still use their trusty fax machines. They like that they can send and receive important papers quickly without having to scan or print them. For them, being able to touch a fax gives their business deals a sense of formality and safety.

3. Vinyl Records

Boomers are happy of their large collections of vinyl records, even though digital music streaming is the industry standard. They love how good the sound is and how romantic it feels to put a needle on a record and listen to the whole album. Vinyl reminds them of a time when music was treasured and enjoyed, not just listened to as background noise.

4. VHS Tapes

Boomers are known for loving movies, and their VHS tape collections show how much they love them. Even though DVDs and streaming services are becoming more popular, many Baby Boomers still like to hunt for rare VHS titles and put them in their VCRs for a nice movie night. The grainy pictures and romantic feel of VHS tapes make you think of times when life was easier.

5. Rolodexes

Boomers often keep their trusty Rolodexes on their desks, even though they have digital address books and phone contacts. They like going through the cards and writing notes by hand because it gives them a sense of touch. These physical Rolodexes hold contacts made over a lifetime. They are a Boomer’s personal and carefully chosen network, which they value and use in their personal and professional lives.

6. Encyclopedias

Boomers probably have a collection of encyclopedias that they are happy to show off. Even though there is a lot of knowledge online, they like how complete these physical reference books are. They like the feel of turning pages and learning things in a careful and focused way.

7. Film Cameras

Boomers often have a collection of film cameras tucked away in their closets. They appreciate the art of photography and the patience required to capture the perfect shot. While digital cameras have made photography more accessible, film cameras hold a certain mystique and allow Boomers to preserve memories in a tangible and carefully curated form.

8. Answering Machines

Many Baby Boomers still use answering machines to screen their phone calls. They like being able to hear texts right away and decide whether or not to answer. Answering machines give Baby Boomers a sense of control and privacy, which helps them set limits and decide how to spend their time and attention.

9. Wall Calendars

Even though digital calendars and notes on smartphones are common, Boomers often still use their trusted wall calendars. They like writing down important dates and events because it gives them a sense of hope and makes their lives feel more organized. Wall calendars are a good way to see how the months go by, and they can also be used to keep memories.

10. Address Books

Boomers often keep real address books to keep track of their contacts. They like how easy and reliable it is to have a hard copy in case their digital devices break. Address books have the names, addresses, and phone numbers of their friends, family, and other people they know. They are a personal record of their social ties.

11. Carpet in Bedrooms

In the past, everyone wanted carpets in their beds, especially shag rugs. Sometimes, chipped floors or linoleum were hidden by rugs. Some people don’t like it when their feet touch a cold floor, but floors with area rugs look better.

12. Fake Fruit

In the 1980s, bowls of fake fruit made of wax or plastic were popular, but they were usually tacky. Some people still have them, and they collect a lot of dust on their tables. Real fruit looks better in a bowl and is a great way to get your family to eat healthy food.

13. Potpourri or Seashells

If you have a lot of bowls, you may have seen people put flowers or seashells in them to decorate and remind them of a trip to the beach. They may have been cheap trinkets you brought back from a trip, but now they are taking up too much space on your tables or shelves.

14. Pay Paper Bills With Checks

Most people pay their bills online now instead of writing checks, and most payments are made automatically. Traditional checks are still used by some people, but they are likely to go the way of landlines, rolodexes, and newspapers. You also save money on stamps and envelopes, so it may be time to put your checks in a safe box.

15. Cookbooks

If you like to cook, you probably love your cook books and turn to your best recipes. I still do that, and it’s one of the things that makes me feel best. Cookbooks are still popular, they are the fourth most popular type of nonfiction book. But it is much easier to find new recipes online for every type of food and amount of difficulty, and to look at them while you cook.

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